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65 Mill Hill Road
Bondi Junction, NSW, 2022

+61 4 04103964

Ana Troccoli is a Sydney based skin specialist with over 16 years of experience delivering personal treatments for a lifetime of healthy radiant skin. Located in Bondi Junction, the skin clinic offers a range of facial treatments, skin needling, lash extensions and more.


InStyle Australia Online| Aug 2016

You know those fluttery sets you see celebrities sporting on the red carpet? I guarantee they’re the work of some cleverly placed individual lashes—which, might I add, are perfect for creating fanned-out peepers—or, they’re lash extensions. The main difference between the two is that falsies fall more into the one-night-only category, whereas lash extensions will get you two to three weeks of wear before you require in-fills.   
So what does the process involve—and the financial commitment? We turned to lash expert Ana Troccoli from Ana Troccoli Aesthetics for everything you need to know. | Aug 2016

I spoke to on why some beauty treatments should never be DIY.

InStyle Magazine| Aug 2016

I'm extremely happy to be part of August 16 issue of Australia's InStyle magazine talking on how your diet affects your skin.
Different professionals are sharing their tips to make sure you get the most out of what you put in your plate! 
Here is my tip:

Why? In a word, pimples. “If you are prone to breakouts and acne, you could try eliminating some dairy products and observe how your skin reacts,” says skin specialist Ana Troccoli. Consider other sources of calcium such as almond milk, sheep or goat’s cheese and leafy greens. How can I cheat? You could get a taste by treating dairy as a condiment (sprinkle parmesan over vegetables) rather than as a meal—occasionally.