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65 Mill Hill Road
Bondi Junction, NSW, 2022

+61 4 04103964

Ana Troccoli is a Sydney based skin specialist with over 16 years of experience delivering personal treatments for a lifetime of healthy radiant skin. Located in Bondi Junction, the skin clinic offers a range of facial treatments, skin needling, lash extensions and more.

Mela Peel

Mela Peel

For improved appearance of uneven skin tones. 
    Improves the appearance of pigment spots and uneven skin tone
    Promotes homogeneous complexion
    Improves skin radiance and brightness
Your specialist will recommend the most appropriate peel and home-care regimen after conducting a professional assessment of your skin type.

Why should you choose Mela Peel Treatment? 
    Highly concentrated combination of skin peel ingredients for optimal efficacy
    Demonstrated improvement in the appearance of skin pigmentation
    Progressive protocol
    No downtime
    Long-lasting results
    Suitable for all skin types

Skin Peel Ingredients:
Foamer 15 – Glycolic acid, Enoxolone - pH 4.1
Activa Peel – Azelaic, Salicylic, Ferulic and Phytic acids - pH 1.41
Mela Peel – Lactic, Salicylic, Phytic and Kojic acids, Retinol, Arbutin - pH 2.23

Proven Results
    83% of users have a more even skin tone (clinical findings) 
    66% of users' skin appearance improved in clarity (clinical findings) 
    83% of users showed improved appearance of hyperpigmentation and age spots(clinical findings)  
*In vivo study for the safety and efficacy of Dermaceutic Mela Peel Treatment on 6 volunteers. Independent Clinical Research Study. 2015